Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Doorman's Tale

Tonight David and I saw "Crazy Stupid Love" (AMAZING).

How could these 3 men not entice you?

Upon our return we stumbled upon our doorman conversing with one of our fellow residents as we stepped on the elevator.

So the tale goes...

"You know how some peoples stomachs slouch? One time I met a Greek woman, and she told me the secret to a tight stomach.  She would take a bit of vinegar and then tie rags around her stomach and it would tighten it right up.  I actually tried it and it worked, my stomach has never been this tight"

The elevator closes, and David and I die laughing.  We must make friends with our tight stomached doorman.

There you go folks. The recipe for a tight stomach - a rag and some vinegar. Who knew it was so easy?

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