Monday, September 5, 2011

Food Facts

Fact: I am extremely indecisive when it comes to ordering food

I always narrow it down to 2 choices and then look at David with puppy dog eyes and say "ahhh... what should I do?" My mind immediately starts running an imaginary pro/con list.

Then the server comes - pressure is on - and I make my decision. I would say i usually get it right 50% of the time.

Choice A.  Choice B was ribs - the right choice.

So, once I find something I like - don't expect me to switch. It's just easier that way.

Fact: A hokie sign does not indicate how good the food will be.

Don't be fooled!
I believe David and I have eaten here at least 5 times. We are obsessed. We first went with my parents our first week in town and all 4 of us were beyond impressed.  We have since taken David's brother in law and plan on introducing others as well.  We have also discovered the very small (but charming) patio in the back- you just follow the skinny one person pink hallway. Awkward hallway encounters are just part of the fun.

No worries - I always order the same thing. 2 chicken flautas and a steak taco with rice and beans.

Fact: Once you find a great Mexican place - don't stray.

David and I discovered this today. Wanting to switch it up a little we decided to try a Mexican restaurant closer to downtown.It all went downhill after they brought out the salsa.

Mayan Palace - from now on our loyalty lies with you.