Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't like change.

This is not recent news to me - but after a discussion David and I had a few days ago,  I began to think about what that really meant.

If you turn it upside down, inside out, flip it over whatever you want to call it, this means that I am dependent on the "normal."  I want things to stay just as they are.

You may find this weird since about 2 months ago David and I packed our few belongings into a yellow Penske Truck and took off for an adventure in the greatest city of the Midwest - Chicago.

It all fit :)

But this was always "normal" to me. David and I had talked about moving to a big city since before we were married.

Pit Stop = Picture Stop

My response to change is never lovely at first - but then I usually warm up to it just in time for change to occur again.

When it comes to the small things (i.e. a new menu at a restaurant) - I am just being silly.
When it comes to the big things - I am not trusting God.

My goal is experience & accept change.  My goal is to not be so dependent on the "normal". My goal ultimately is trust God.

So I will start with Baby Steps:

Bill Murray I am going to take Baby Steps with you towards accepting change. By the way if you have not see What About Bob - rent it.

p.s. you know it is time to update your blog when your mom comments on the lack of posts. Love you Mom ;)

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