Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Months

On Saturday, David and I will have lived in Chicago for 3 month. I know - we can't believe it either. 

In honor of this momentous occasion (and the fact that I finally uploaded my pictures), I wanted to post a few pictures from my parents visit our first week here.

Picture with the bean  
Lunch & Blues at Buddy Guy's Legends
Waiting for the show    

Water Cannon
Hanging out on the Chicago River Walk
Navy Pier Farris Wheel with David :)

The 'Rents

Navy Pier

View of the downtown Chicago

My crazy father

David letting me take pictures

Watching people walk the pier

Checking out the city

Captain Peanut Butter
 Due to my lack of camera memory (and we aren't talking memory card space people) I missed many of our adventures. 

1. My father graciously put together our kitchen table and TV console. 
2. Eating yummy food - Deep Dish Chicago Pizza, Mayan Palace, etc.
3. Eating Pinkberry on opening day in Chicago
4. Our 45 minute walk through the Art Institute of Chicago on Free Day
5. Our very crowded experience on the El
6. Lots of walking

Wow... can't believe I just remembered all that. Can't wait for the next visit!

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