Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Tiny Christmas Tree

Oh Tiny Christmas Tree, Oh Tiny Christmas Tree

I'm back. Why was I gone so long?

1. I have never been able to keep a journal in my life.  I think every journal i have has at least 4 entries of 'this time i am going to keep up with this for real'.
2. My "beloved" CCI Lenovo Laptop saw its last day.  A virus, combined with my attempt to get rid of the virus myself resulted in a laptop that still has a virus but is now completely wiped clean.

However, enter one Mac Book Air and I am officially (hopefully) back.

So much has happened between September and now....
1. My mom came and visited David and I in Chicago :)
2. David and I took a trip to San Francisco
3. We traveled back to NC for the first time since July 1st for Thanksgiving
and so much more in-between.

But more on that later... I am FAR to excited to not post about CHRISTMAS.

This year we lucked out and found a Christmas tree "lot" across from our apartment. Considering we don't had a car this was like striking gold.

Prior to now, I always had a rule that the Christmas tree had to be
2. TALL - well taller than David and I

Now don't worry - our douglas fir is filling our apartment with the smell of Christmas. But in an effort to not have our tree to take up half of our apartment (ok, ok I exaggerate) we got our selves the most wonderful 4 foot tree there ever was.

Note the knee length jacket and my love for our 4 ft. tree


One of my favorite things this time of year is to hear everyone's Christmas traditions.  David and I of course wanted to start a few of our own.  

So we decided that we wanted our Christmas tree to be full of memories and special ornaments.  Because we got married December 20th, we were gifted quite a few ornaments that are now precious to us and have added to them since. Then last year we decided to build on the tradition and buy each other an ornament every year. Something that was special to us - even though it might not make sense to anyone else. Check out a few below:

Given to us by David's parents. So lovely.
My good friend Alison played the violin at our wedding
and her parents sent us this super thoughtful ornament.

My husband loves coffee and I found this last
February and was so happy to hang it this year.
"I'm an elf" - My Ornament to David 2010

David's Ornament to me 2010 
The first ornament we bought to together at the General Store in the Mountains.
To stay we love this fat little santa is an understatement. 
My grandma has been giving us ornaments ever since we were little.
This is just one of many. 
Our favors at the wedding.
Instead of sparklers or rice we have everyone ring these bells as we left our wedding reception.
Now it can serve as an ornament :)

Our First Christmas - 2008

My mom bought us our very first ornaments.
We love having these on our tree and all over our house as decorations :)

How could you not love this tree topper.
Don't worry we are finding a replacement soon ;)

Now off to watch Elf. Not really - but it sure seems appropriate.


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